Anaconda in my ass

^ same

Ten Thousand Fists In My Ass

I’m Not Okay in my ass

(I promise)

(Welcome to) The Black Parade in my ass

Love is War in my ass

Don’t You Dare Forget the Sun in my ass

Dollhouse in my ass

Skinny Love in my Ass

The Ballad of Mona Lisa in my ass

This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Armsrace in my ass

Unthinkable-im ready in my ass

young and beautiful in my ass

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Ray Rice Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Love it

I am 100% here for this. I have to watch this nfl shit just to get a few hours in on the couch with my boyfriend. Rest of the time, he’s playing madden. We get one day off a week together and I get no sex, very little talk, and he gets annoyed with me because when rapistberger’s name is mentioned or he’s given screen time , I glare at the tv and say things like, “I want to hit him with my car,” “he deserves a spear in the chest,” “his broken rib should have pierced his heart and lungs,” and “I hope I come back to this time in another life and earn the value of each nfl player’s multi-million dollar deal that I’m contracted to kill.”

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went to aqua yesterday.

my old dealer was there, as well as my cousin who always did pills with me.

found out my guy had opium.

for over half an hour i waited for him to receive my text asking for $20 worth, but he was busy and it took 40mins of arguing with myself to decide to leave before i fucked up my entire relationship.

i’ve made it through 141 days, without pills or weed, and i somehow made it out of a situation where shit was available and affordable. i told my dear one about it, and he said he was proud of me. 

the biting and scratching part of this is getting a lot more difficult. 

and now that there’s another man in love with me, i feel so fucking weak. i made it through withdrawals for my man so i know i can absolutely make it through lust. but the more he takes football more seriously than me, the more frustrated i get. i don’t have “art friends” like he has football friends. i can’t just always redirect my attention and passion to sketching. it doesn’t work like that. i have told him this. 

no one is perfect, i suppose.  but i get so little time with him as it is, that when he willingly spends our time on madden, which is GODDAMNED VIRTUAL FOOTBALL, i feel my worth tumbling. 

i am shit. 

the dear one bought a ps4 and madden.

needless to say, i’m lonely even though he’s right there in the next room.

i sketched for a long time waiting for 10pm last night, when he swore he’d stop playing and have sex with me. i went to sleep with him on the couch at 12. 

no sex.

amidst all the rape, domestic and child abuse that isn’t being punished by the nfl or the fucking law, for that matter, professional football still directly affects my life by providing a literal barrier between us via virtual means.

fuck the nfl.

fuck madden.

fuck everyone who gives a shit about football.


Romance De La Luna by Lorca-Selene goddess and child


Romance De La Luna by Lorca-Selene goddess and child


The Fall of the Rebel Angels - 1866 Paul Gustave Louis Christophe Doré


The Fall of the Rebel Angels - 1866
Paul Gustave Louis Christophe Doré


Jhumpa Lahiri, The Lowland


Jhumpa Lahiri, The Lowland


Albert CiamberlaniOphélie, avant 1900


Albert Ciamberlani
Ophélie, avant 1900



Drifting Odd Nerdrum


Odd Nerdrum


guinevere van seenus shot by tim walker for vogue italia

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Carmen dell’Orefice by Richard Avedon

Carmen dell’Orefice by Richard Avedon

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But what I wanted to say is this: After the period of melancholy is over you will be stronger than before, you will recover your health, & you will find the scenery round you so beautiful that you will want nothing but paint.
Vincent van Gogh (via wordsnquotes)
I catch your eye. I, who had been thinking myself so vast, a temple, a church, a whole universe, confined and capable of being everywhere on the verge of things and here too, am now nothing but what you see.
Virginia Woolf, from The Waves   (via thelostdeer)

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